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Acotaciones: la música en la ciencia ficción (3A): La música de los Temporalistas

Al sur de Bach

Acabo de terminar este libro. Debo confesar que no estoy muy seguro de lo que he leído. Quizá lo mejor sea que lo describa.

André, una persona de buena posición económica y aficionado al piano es mentalmente abducido por los Temporalistas, que son humanoides, posiblemente de una realidad alternativa. El motivo del secuestro, es, ni más ni menos, que enseñarle su teoría musical, para que la lleve a nuestro planeta.

Al comienzo del libro nos enteramos de que en esa otra realidad la gente es casi insensible al sonido en sí mismo, pero enormemente precisos en cuanto a las duraciones. Tanto es así que su lenguaje hablado admite casi cualquier contenido en vocales y consonantes siempre y cuando se respeten las duraciones adecuadas de las sílabas.

También nos enteramos que una de las profesiones más reputadas de ese mundo es la de psicólogo cognitivista. Rama del saber que es, por…

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Do the ideas in André Pogoriloffsky’s The Music of the Temporalists have any practical application?

The answer is blowing in the wind section…

Theory of Music

This paper by Barry Mitchell was presented at a CityMAC 2018 conference at City University of London, 5-7 July 2018. The conference was sponsored by the Society for Music Analysis and Blackwell Wiley.  The conference programme can be downloaded here: CityMAC-2018-Programme-11.05

Do the ideas in André Pogoriloffsky’s The Music of the Temporalists have any practical application?

The Music of the Temporalists (2009) is a book by Romanian musicologist Andrei Covaciu-Pogorilowski (b. 1968), written using the pen name André Pogoriloffsky. Pogorilowski’s main area of research is “temporal thresholds applied to/reflected in (musical) rhythm perception and production.” (Covaciu-Pogorilowski, 2018) This is a subject Pogorilowski has written and lectured about extensively, and the ideas in his research form the basis for the theories about music in The Music of the Temporalists. The Music of the Temporalists was originally written inRomanian and translated into English by the author with the help of Ilinca…

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The music of the Temporalists


The music of the Temporalists

In The music of the Temporalists by Andrei Covaciu-Pogorilowski (Charleston: Create space, 2011), a Parisian drugstore owner and amateur pianist experiences a two-year mental trip as an avatar in a parallel (Temporalist) world in which music is cultivated as the art of time rather than the art of sound.

There he meets a musicologist called Jean-Philippe and an old psychologist, Herr Sch…; they teach him all they can about their musical theory and its cognitive aspects so he can transmit what he has learned to his own music culture.

Within this imaginary frame an alternative to the classical bar-rhythm theory is proposed, based on an empirical study of key phenomena of temporal discretization, including entrainment, chunking, subjective accentuation, pulsatory inertia, and temporal gap perception.

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